Karl Stern is a Painter and Printmaker from Scotland, who we are delighted to welcome is artist in residence at Studio Faire for four weeks.

He has, what appears to be, a rare approach to creating his works of art, initially creating collographic plates, which he then paints into before finishing off during the printing process.

The works themselves are created firstly by drawing with a knife before he paints them using pigments and shellac. The cut surface allows the painting to then be used like a printing plate and this process creates, both a small edition of mono-prints while the ink deposits which remain, finish the work.

Arriving by car meant that Karl was able to bring with him all of the materials he requires for making his work, as well as his bike and he has spent many mornings out and about drawing inspiration from the stunning landscape that surrounds us in the Lot-et-Garonne and Gers regions, which this property borders.

So far, afternoons have been for cutting and scratching, as Karl draws and many an evening, for chatting, sharing music, food and local wine in the gardens here at Studio Faire (Karl cooks up a mean rabbit stew!).

Karl’s unusual and original designs are inspired by characters, buildings or landscapes, often drawn from life, and reflecting the atmosphere inspired by the individual or image. Many have a humorous, pensive or dark edge to them. All reflect Karl’s continuing interest in people and environs, and what lies beneath the surface.

For a chance to meet the artist, observe his original process and see his selection of greeting cards depicting many of his images, please come along to our ‘Meet the Artists’ event at Studio Faire on Friday 8th June between 16.00-20.00hr.

We hope to see you there.

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Top: ”Citania de Briterios”, detail of prehistoric Portuguese village by Karl Stern. Portrait: Karl Stern